Dil Değiştir




Emrah Altuntecim

“I was invited to a TV programme as a guest. I made speeches on personal development on two programmes in a day and then I gave a seminar in an art centre. Fortunately, I completed the day without any problems, and in a successful way. I decided to spend the night in the guest room prepared for me in the art centre. Staying on my own in such a beautiful space at night evoked a particular excitement and happiness inside me. ‘What a relief” I said to myself. I deserved to take a rest…

Finally, everybody left and after having dinner I went to the bathroom on the second floor and closed the door. As soon as I closed the door, I understood the mistake I had made. It was too late. I was stuck in the bathroom.

Those people who were in charge of hosting me had told me before leaving to use the bathroom on the top floor, that the bathroom on the middle floor did not open from outside as the lock was broken. They even wanted to warn the guests by posting a heart-shaped note on the door. But I had managed to remain locked in due to the fatigue of the day and my carelessness.

The officials of the centre had told me:

Mr Altuntecim, if you happen to use this bathroom and remain locked in; call us on our mobile phones. We will come and save you…

 I had replied to them smiling with the air of a search and rescue team member and personal development expert. However, I did not have my mobile phone in my pocket at that moment, it was in the guest room. I was in a miserable situation! The door was made of a thick and sound wood. The lock and the hinges were almost like those of an apartment door…

I looked at the water closet while I was thinking I was toast. I supposed that was the only place that I would have to spend the night on…

I had talked about personal development, being a search and rescue team member, extraordinary life skills, and creative solutions to thousands of people all day long…  However, the situation I was in at that moment was not a very pretty sight…

 “Those who watched my television programmes would burst into laughter if they saw me like this, look at me” I said to myself laughing bitterly… I had to do something.

At first, I thought of accepting this situation without resistance. This must have occurred to me for a reason, right?

This is how I replied to a question asked by a lady in the seminar I had given an hour ago:

”Nothing in life is a coincidence… We reap what we sow… There is a meaning hidden in the things we experience…”

Yes, “my WC contemplation” had started! This situation of mine was telling me something. However, I realized that it was only about midnight. The officials were supposed to come at 10:00 in the morning.

I had dreamed of replying to my e-mails for a couple of hours, then reading a book, getting a good rest, then being up with the lark and going for a run, and having breakfast. However, I was now trapped in a narrow bathroom with my suit on. I did not want to stay here for ten hours.

And then this thought emerged in my mind: “Emrah, you told people about determination, never giving up, and seeking solutions, throughout the day…. Moreover, you are a search and rescue team member. How are you going to feel when people come in the morning and open the door? Therefore, you have to do your best to open the door before them.”

I had said, “Stay away from a personal development expert who does not practice what s/he practices.”

Yes, this was what I had said. And now it was my turn!

I somehow found a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I managed to smash the lock and regain my freedom after striving desperately for 15-20 minutes and sweating blood! I can not tell you how thankful I was at that moment…