Dil Değiştir



I had given a well-attended seminar in Spain at an international organization in previous years (Q1 of 2013) and I had the opportunity to heart to heart talk with directors after the seminar. That day, I had found the opportunity to  peruse the first signs of  the long termed effects of economical concerns that is arised in Europe   on senior and mid-level managers through the fine details of the behavior of attendants and subliminal clues.  The bosses who came from United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and more than ten countries were smiling but they were trying to escape from doubtful mood about what the new year will bring and discover the pleasure from my presentation.

We don’t pretend to be a mentor; our job is completely commercial and financial taste that are relished by  analytic intelligences and preferred by business life. However, the experience of intensive trainings and accretion that has been obtained by the sharings with thousands of managers  may caused to stick around the  spiritual  librations and unseen details to our energy filter.

I knew succesfull but unhappy managers. Even sometimes, they invite me as a friend to their homes, and we communicate until late hours as well. I am confidant and friend of them. I think; sincerity, discipline, humanity, confidence, being a good listener, a brain operates like clockwork  and pulsation of a heart with excitedly are amongst the most valued blessings…I am trying to be a human being who give thanks and try to awareness keep alive forever in order to reach on  all blessings.

My friends may read my books  then gird on like a sword at battle arena of the business life. However, I desire people  who appreciates the spirituality, life, human, feelings and thoughts of people; in good nature, warm-hearted to read Sales Pschology more. Because, this people will use this sharp sword that girded on for auspicial and good purposes. 

Yes my dear reader..Getting pleasure the Sales Psychology in genuine sense and giving a place in your life along with spiritual traits are very very important. However, the issue of Sales Psychology is in dark spirits, crafty vigilants, mobbing masters, pursuers on intercorporate marketing rigging, trickster’s power not only in good person’s as well and unfortunately, it is implemented by them with successfully. This book has been written for the people who walk, to say the least aim to walk on good and luminous way then it has been supplicated faithfully from the God while it was written in order to being a prosperity source.

Till to 2013 coming together with senior management was exciting and indeed quite improving. However, we are still coming together with the youths during the university summits, who are on the beginning of their careers as well. My spouse is also a Trainer. I participated with Ceyda Altuntecim to the numerous activities that are organizing by the universities as being a guest speaker also. The situation is similar in top level as well as lowest level. Towards the end of each year, there is new hopes, plans, projects as well as anxiety. In fact, the people need somethings more refreshing that could not be denominated. However, what ever it is, the people believe that it is out there.  In reality, we are inside of a great illusion…We ignore the unlimited resource that exists our inner side. 

We wish a successful and happy career for you. Wishing you a life that the dreams come true and auspiciousness, filled with excitement and plentifulness…

 By the knowing the illusion that is not real but we should have in, by the enjoying through this paradox…

Good Sales!