Dil Değiştir





Emrah Altuntecim

As a consultant&trainer, I have received much different trainings except my business in order to unveil more the capacity of myself, which is one of the greatest blessings God has thankfully bestowed upon me and use it in the most efficient way for humanity and myself. For instance, the trainings of Istanbul Fashion Academy, those I received from some masters, with whom I have had the chance to give trainings on the same platform and the trainings and seminars directly associated with my profession in various countries such Spain, Cyprus, Dubai and Qatar were all wonderful. However, I have always preferred to receive trainings that are not directly related to my job too…

I received trainings of juggling (tossing and catching balls in the air), art of charcoal drawing and extraordinary life skills. I worked on meditation for a long time and attended advanced level trainings on this subject. I have read lots of books on the spiritual truth, and I have listened to plenty of instrumental music. In addition, I received photography training and also memory techniques, creative thought techniques, body percussion and rhythm, Latin dances, advertising, presentation techniques in English and neuromarketing trainings from certain institutions, organizations and colleagues. Certain fields were outside the jobs I did and my profession, however, I wanted to enrich my life even further and develop my perception and perspective at the maximum level.

Moreover, I went out to nature plentifully and I did trekking guiding, cave reseach/speleology, scuba diving and sailing.  And in the present day, I work out at least twice in a week at the gym. I did collecting starting from primary school and represented Republic of Turkey in a stamp collection exhibition in England. I have written short stories and one of them was awarded the Iffet Esen Short Story Award. I have written and edited books. Currently, I occasionally try cooking different dishes. Even if I cannot always produce the same taste 100 %, Ceyda is very fond of my soups.

Yes, all of these have improved all the convolutions of my brain and the bridges between the two brain lobes have widened and increased in number.

Moreover, feelings and intuitions also get naturally deeper. I have also acquired the ability to easily understand the perspective and universes of many people I can encounter at the moment of sales or in my trainings by way of completely different hobbies and disciplines. Some readers may be curious how I have been able to afford doing this many things… Let me briefly summarize. Since my childhood, I have made it a principal to live economically and sparingly. I have always been a “course hunter” following the most affordable sources, made a lot of research and married someone who is keen on personal development, education, research and learning, and full of love. I have always worked since my years of studentship.

Distinguished reader, business people should attend psychology, drama, scriptwriting, dance courses etc. within the bounds of possibility. Companies should award their staff not only with premiums, but also with incentives of participating in social activities.

Moreover, if business people have a car, they should listen audio book CD and turn the time they spend in traffic into a fruitful educational environment.