Dil Değiştir



Modern day life has made every one of us more inactive. The saying “a healthy mind exists in a healthy body” describes the direct relationship between the body and the mind.

Being one of the most active among the personal development systems, part of the seminars are done in open air. Sometimes in open air, on the mountains, one in a green area in the city… The aim is; “active learning by movement.”

We should spend at least half an hour for sports every day. As a trainer and practicioner I have always exercised throughout the course of my life. The summer sport camps that I participated in in my childhood were very benefical especially for children and youngsters for socializing and exercising. I realized the importance of discipline, practice and determination in individual and team sports. There are many courses with reasonable prices you or your children may take. A little reseach will bring you many opportunities.

Since my childhood I have been interested in football, basketball, volleyball , table tennis, swimming, water polo, karate, spelunking, trekking, athletism, scuba diving, fitness and I had the chance to try squash, golf, archery, canoeing, tennis, and bowling. On my list to do are bodeka, parachuting and rafting. But none of these sports were as practical as walking.

When a child learns to stand, walking is the first sport  she does. Walking was the favorite transportation method of the old masters. Walking has a spiritual importance for the indigenous peoples of  East Asia, America, Africa and the Australia. The benefits of a rhythmic walk for the body, mind and the soul is immense.

You can do many kinds of sports but you can walk anywhere, any time, without needing any kind of equipment. Walking is the sport of wise people. If you are reflecting on a certain subject while walking, you will also progress on that subject.

Sports in general, no matter what kind you are doing, improve your ability to control anger. For adults it makes them look fit and dynamic and their lives more orderly and satisfactory. Old people with their fit look they become more symphatetic and people take them as examples.

Everybody knows that sports have a clear effect on anger management. Children who do sports are healthier and even if they are sick they recover quicker. Sports are a natural way to keep away from alcohol and smoking. Young people use their energy in a beneficial way. It is known that sport increases self respect and the ability for expression.

Sports minimizes the risk for heart disease, hypertension and other illness that start in middle ages. Middle aged people can get rid of their work stress by playing sports and this reflects on their marriage life.

Sport effects both physical and psychological lives of older . They become free from depression and immune to coronary heart diseases and osteolysis. It is also known that sport is good for improving. Maybe you must stand up an move!