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Emrah Altuntecim

The period of “Sale-oriented sales” had been finished seven-eight years ago. “People-oriented sale” period has commenced. The companies that adopt the people-oriented sale philosophy are aiming the employee satisfaction before the customer satisfaction. They aware that it is not possible to create satisfied customer through unsatisfied employee.

I am a consultant, trainer&coach for private sector in the middle of this motion for many years. I have provided training from top level to the store sales assistant level to the professionals at all status, consulted and coached. My training adventure that was begun with technological devices has continued with the seminars about self improvement then consulting and coaching. In the sequel, all this experiences have been worked in my mind and heart. I decided to build strong suspension bridges from the ropes between commercial life and sales, sales and human psychology.

Almost each company remains standing by the support of the sales at present. Also the producer, distributor and exhibitor put bread on the table under favour of the sales. However, most of the salespersons who constitute the last link of this cycle before the customer try to achieve the target that was given them through their personal experiences only.  In fact, most of the salespersons do not set goals, others set in behalf of them then decreer who decides about strategic decisions climbs the career steps more than salespersons. No problem so far. (No need to change this situation, in any case  this order was going on in this way and it seems that will continue in this way too.) There is no injustice either. Some of store sales assistants that I provide training, the employees who work in the same position for seven or eight years, the employees who couldn’t find a way out to climb over generally screw up their face. However, I am sorry… You can not be included into the related teams by envying the decreers who decide about strategic decisions. Even you may have more experience than this people who are in the related teams but have a look at, they are on another altitude and there must be some concrete reasons. Regarding the employees who say “Destiny”… Surely there is no reality that occur out of destiny link. However, while the “destiny” is pursuing some professionals for some reasons, it may escape from some. Certainly, there should be a reason…

Some of the salespersons who coincide with the goals that are given them and have vision about personal goals that surpass this goals find themselves nearby at the core management staff after some time when they associate their this differences along with the education and through accurate team, leaders and other salespersons who have broad perspective.

I have found opportunity to think deeply; to meet and work with the persons who are successfull on this reasons. I figured out that there is no one way to the upgrading about the sales in business life.  There is no only one formula or secret either. However, successful people perform somethings in similar way and insistent to develop.  Some characteristics and skills are working very hard, reading a lot, remaining closely to the senior managers, looking alive and being motivated, indigenizing the job; merchandise or service, loving own job and etc… However, all of these are not the advantages and competencies that have got everyone equally.  There should be a common issue that everyone has…

I will not belabour. The common issue is “ perception”.  We may meditate day after day regarding the phrase of Descartes “ I think therefore I am” We can say it as “ I  perceive therefore I am”. If we perceive, we exist;  if we don’t ,we are absent. We perceive our own existence and we can say “I” . I am not talking about the human soul, ego when I am talking about “I “. I am talking about the “Existence”.

I will not plumb the depths as philosophically  concerning to this issue. However, I will say and explain the subject shortly as “ the people perceives its environment from the point of “I” to the point of “you, he, she, we, you, them” .

Human being can perceive its environment through healthy sense organs. The five senses are active differently in each person if perchance there is no any obstacle or deformation.” Seeing, hearing, feeling through touch, tasting and sniffing…I will not talk about the sixth, seventh, eighth and nineth senses. Wanters may investigate this issues also.

In the sequel, I have found out that each of these five senses are dominant in different proportions in each individuals. While I was exploring this issue, experiential data which I obtained from the trainings that I provided to hundrends of people was effective also.Visuals, Aurals and Senses (touching, tasting and sniffing)..  In the sequel, I have discovered that many philosophers, management consultants and sales gurus have reached to this information long before me. Yes, I had not discovered a new thing. However, I had corroborated the reality that was discovered through my own experiences.

On the other hand, I have distinguished that most of the people do not believe the auld information is how important. There were three dominant perceptions but people do not use this valued knowledge during their professional and private life.  Most of people try to keep their existences through their self expression efforts, by treating others like a dirt, communication fights, power of the titles, taking it lying down, suppressing, disobeying, only with fighting.  Due to this, the people can not be satisfied in their business life, they continue to fight the law of the jungle. Please think about an arena that hundred of thousands people who could not comprehend the strong impressions of 3 dominat perceptions on human psychology  are fighting. Whereas, the communication key of each dominant perception types are different from each other and the psychological results that opening doors will take you away will be different as well.

Whereas, Mevlana said how lovely: “ What ever you say, the most you can say is that which the person opposite you is able to understand”. So, it comes to mind: “ Such that I must say and I must express, the person in front of me could comprehend me in maximum level”.

I think my graduation from the Faculty of Communication then taking master degree about communication provide to make easier to ruminate over more and make deductions regarding this issue.

We are faced with a reality; attending into the trainings that are focused on sales-oriented without knowing the balances of human psychology and without recognizing the human nature do not produce well results. The age of the shallow salespersons who believe to increase the sales by the  attending into the trainings that are providing by the educators who are still using the expressions like “ What happens when you put it like” that is superficial part of body language by wheeling out, make the person insignificiant, could not quite comprehend the human thoughts and behaviours, can consider the sales as “ pull of the head”, put on the body language and communication issues like an armory is ending… Furthermore, the classic body language doctrines will lose its value a little in this period also. If you do realize, the people are following the originality beyond the classic routines. Probably, you will welcome the customer by headstanding!( Don’t do it for the moment) Besides, everybody is a salesperson! If an advocate can not sale its own job, can not find client either; in fact, a teacher can make sale in the communication with parents; most of the important athletes make sale as well as sport by the support of image makers.

That is one of the most important purposes of my books; understanding the people,  to comprehend ourselves while we comprehend them, to love, to respect, to share, to help and make easier to comprehend ideally our intent by others. So, the communication accidents may decrease into the minimum level, your sales may be increased, your meetings and presentations may be performed more efficient, you may come back to your home more cheerful and tranquilly, you can do your job more eagerly.

My last published book is a compilation… I have bedighted my own experiences along with selected quotes of my colleagues. Actually, nothing belongs to me in this book. I have just collected. This informations are the collective projection of most valued salespersons who are working on the area actually, dozens of philosophers, authors, academians, managers, consultants, educators.I am writing this compilation by the selection one to one and bringing together as being an educator who has reached to the mentioned purposes and taken a part in the core teams, guided to the managers of the related teams.

The book which I wrote is never a prescription. It doesn’t allege a motto like         ”Such in this seconds, this much sales” I try to write reference books; it’s an accumulation of knowledge that can be consulted from time to time. These books are normas that you could confirm your technical line from time to time, it’s a marker that reminds you the functioning of the brain, the forgottenness of the senses and perception on the sales. My books are simple guidances. They're not magical; there is no purpose like breaking new ground about the sales either.  My books are electric torchs that will help you to get free from the informational convergence.  They been written in favour of the brave persons who appreciate the “ people oriented sales” and embrace as a motto…

You may easily obtain new ideas notably from my books through dozens of notes… Soon you'll read new English editions...

Take Care!